Pumps for liquid salts and metals up to 750 °C

The efficiency and reliability of our pumps are crucial for the rapid transfer of molten salt or metal into holding furnaces - for example during maintenance or replacement of galvanizing kettles or melting crucibles. We offer such pump-over services to the customers of the Pilling Group.







Sophisticated designreliable, economical, efficient

W. Dietermann is one of the leading manufacturers of high-performance pumps for liquid metals and salts. With flow rates of up to 1000 liters per minute, our pumps empty large galvanizing kettles, melting kettles, patenting tanks and strip galvanizing lines quickly and safely. Just two years after being founded as a mechanical engineering company, from 1947 we specialized in the development and construction of reliable metal pumps.

Since then, we have used every year of our company history to further develop our products. The resulting efficiency and reliability of the pumps enable our customers to pump molten metal into holding furnaces – for example during maintenance or the replacement of galvanizing kettles, a task that we offer to Pilling customers as a service.

Our feed pumps

  • Pumping of lead, zinc, tin and their alloys
  • Pumping of molten industrial salts
  • Use e.g. in galvanizing kettles, melting and alloying kettles, patenting tanks, strip galvanizing lines
  • Flow rate up to more than 1000 l/min and pump heights up to more than 10 m
  • Choice of use with a fixed speed or with a speed that can be controlled by a frequency converter
  • Propeller agitators for all media

Field of application:

  • Occasional operation during boiler changes and repairs.
  • Continuous operation in lead and salt melts

Technical design:

All pumps have steel shafts with hard chrome plated surface and Stellite bearing.
This avoids metal build up on the shaft and seizing in the bearing. For special applications, we try to solve your particular problem.

The company W. Dietermann

July 1, 1945
The Dietermann Company was founded by Mr. Wilhelm Dietermann as a company for the repair of machines for the construction, wood and iron industry.

15 July 1947
Start of production of pumps for liquid metals and harnesses.

January 1, 1966
After the death of the company founder, the Dietermann company was continued by his sons Fritz and Willi. The product range was expanded to include metal feed pumps, salt feed pumps and agitators. Special emphasis was put on satisfying each customer by individual problem solving.

January 1, 1984
Transformation of Dietermann OHG into Dietermann GmbH with the partners Fritz Dieterman, Annegrete Plate and Helmut Dietermann with the simultaneous retirement of Willi Dietermann.

July 1, 1998
Handover of the Dietermann company to the two managing directors Annegrete Plate and Helmut Dietermann.

January 1, 2012
Takeover of the company by the Pilling Group.

December 1, 2013
Relocation of the Siegen plant to the site of W. Pilling Riepe GmbH & Co. KG in Ihlow-Riepe in Northern Germany.


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